Gain Dispensary Agent Skills

Cannabis Patient Care, Health and Safety Training.

Cannabis skills are in demand. The cannabis industry is creating thousands of exciting career opportunities in New Jersey, and nationally, yet a significant shortage of qualified professionals exists. Through Bergen Community College, you can now gain the job skills you need to succeed as a dispensary agent. 

Advanced Dispensary Associate program

This program will provide you with advanced job skills and knowledge to excel as a dispensary agent. There are three main units to this program. In the first unit, you’ll begin with cannabis compliance training. The industry is heavily regulated and understanding the importance of maintaining compliance is crucial. In the second unit, we’ll dive into specific skills based training in cannabis retail by exploring the history and botany of the cannabis plant. Next, cannabinoids, terpenes, and the Endocannabinoid System are examined. You will analyze the various delivery methods and cannabis products used in today’s market, as well be able to identify proper dosing and titration protocols for patients. You’ll also learn about onboarding new patients, taking into account the interactions, contradictions, and potential side effects. In the third and final unit you’ll focus on health and safety training, including: best security procedures, inventory tracking, the importance of documentation and recordkeeping, and product safety. Once you have completed the third unit and passed the exam, you will be rewarded with the official Advanced Dispensary Associate program Certificate from Bergen Community College. 


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100% online | 8-weeks | $850

Cannabis Qualifications Designed by Industry Professionals

As the cannabis industry expands, the demand for skilled and credible professionals expands with it. Becoming an expert in this field means learning from the pioneers who are taking the industry into the mainstream. Our program develops focused, in-depth knowledge for dispensary agents. 

Topics covered include:

Unit 1
  • Hygiene and Personnel Best Practices 
  • Product Safety 
  • Packaging and Labeling 
  • Sanitation and Cleaning 
  • Pest Control 
Unit 2
  • History and Botany of the Cannabis Plant 
  • Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and the Endocannabinoid System 
  • Delivery Methods and Cannabis Products 
  • Dosing, Titration, and Quality Assurance 
  • Onboarding New Patients: What to Cover 
Unit 3
  • Creating a Health and Safety Plan 
  • Transportation Requirements 
  • Best Practice Security Procedures 
  • Inventory Tracking 
  • The Importance of Documentation and Recordkeeping 
  • Product Transactions, Testing, and Storage
Your Schedule

Study on your own time, when it’s convenient for you. You can begin this program at any time and complete it in just 8 weeks. 

Official Certificate of Completion

Upon graduation you will earn a certificate of completion from Bergen Community College. 

Employer Network

Completing the Advanced Dispensary Associate program gives you exclusive access to the Employer Network.

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